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Cutting through the noise to help teachers discover, reflect, and develop.
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The Edit. was created by Paul Middleton, Director of Teaching & Learning at St Albans School.

In 2019, he travelled to Singapore, Switzerland, and Norway to find out how to tackle the problem of teacher attrition in the UK. At the time, around 25% of teachers left the profession in the first three years, and 33% by year five. The situation facing early-career teachers worsened during the pandemic, with many seeing their placements cut short and their support networks disappearing.

Based on insights from Europe and Asia, it became clear that a lack of accessible, affordable, and high-quality professional development was one of the key reasons for the poor teacher retention in Britain. From this, The Edit was born.

The site is updated daily with a curated mix of pedagogical tips and reflections to help educators develop. Think ‘Teacher Twitter’, but without the baby photos and cat memes. Research is selected based on its evidence base, relevance, and accessibility – each day there will be resources to help you discover, reflect, and develop. 


A huge thank you to The Churchill Fellowship for funding the initial research back in 2019, and for helping to get The Edit off the ground in 2022/3.